Progress update

The marriage of the living quarters and the truck. We’re excited to finally see this.

The box won’t remain white, it will be painted in the same color as the truck.


Speaking of colors. In late February I visited orangework once more together with my daughter Elena. We spent an hour going through fabric samples to pick out interior colors and fabrics. I didn’t really appreciate how difficult that would be, but fortuntately the fabric can be changed in case we don’t like it. The exterior color is much harder.

Our interior colors

Unfortunately the truck was currently at the paint shop while I visted, so we only get to see it covered up.

Truck getting spray painted


It was nice to see the interior for the first time in person.

The interior


The next time I will see the vehicle is hopefully in May at the Abenteuer & Allrad in Bad Kissingen. Orangework will do their best to get it completed enough to show. The final completion won’t happen until September.

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