A  Change of Mind: Meet our future recreational vehicle!

You are looking at three used MAN trucks one of which Björn purchased in October 2017, thus replacing the Steyr 12M18 as the ideal base for our expedition vehicle.

Why are we switching to an MAN truck? There are multiple reasons. First of all, a more modern truck offers more convenience, like automatic gear shifting and air conditioning. Second – and maybe more importantly – it will be much easier to purchase insurance for a newer rig, which was quasi impossible for the Excap because it is considered a vintage vehicle. We look forward to seeing the cabin being built on top of the MAN truck.

Björn studied many different layouts for the cabin. In the end he designed his own, based on what he liked most. After four months of research we found a partner who could implement the unique design- orangework in Cologne. Our truck will be moved to Cologne, Germany, where the cabin – our living quarters – is being built.

May 2018 is still targeted for the completion.